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HighRisk CC develops solutions for businesses that have been turned down, denied or closed by traditional banking systems. Their patented technologies have a broad range of applications that meet the growing need for secure transactions in person and online. The Company's robust payment gateway can scale to the cloud and mobile application devices. Secure high risk payment processing platform with HighRisk CC.

The Chargeback Prevention Company ("Chargeback Prevention") has created a unique technology platform and business model that exploits the patterns that exist when consumers and businesses file a dispute with their credit card processing company. The Company leverages technology, domain expertise and the experience of being merchants themselves to effectively target , prevent and reduce the instances of chargebacks.

Etelcharge is a electronic checking payment processing merchant platform company that offers server solutions that scale from small businesses to large corporations, providing world-class reliability for many thousands of small businesses. With a strong need for electronic checks, check21 and echecks to work with all ecommerce platforms like Shopify and Wordpress. Electronic Checking "E-Check" technology significantly reduces the hardware, software, and administrative costs with managing billing systems by consolidating payment servers.

PrWest is a leading provider of timeshare and vacation travel rentals on the beautiful islands of Puerto Rico. From San Juan to the beautiful coast of Dorado, PrWest offers rentals from small homeowners the opportunity to list their properties online for sale or rent for a nomimal listing fee.

First American Vacuum Services, LP (“FAVS”) provides fluid handling, delivery, and transportation services for oil & gas companies drilling and operating wells with a focus on Texas.  Founded in 2004, FAVS offers Water and Brine Hauling, KCL Blending, Vacuum Services, and Frac Tank Leasing.

CheapestMerchantAccounts.com is committed to preserving low fee options for small businessess. For larger business they can offer a wide range of payment processing options to lower costs and fees.

Polar Industries develops and manufactures products and technology for the video surveillance market. The Company’s most important product is a patent pending 360° panoramic video camera under the key brand ZPAN, which was developed in early 2004 and first brought to market in late 2005. In addition, the Company manufactures state-of the art Internet Protocol (IP) network recording systems that allow for the archival recording of video streams.

SLM Holdings, Inc., short for Software Leveraged Marketing, provides web-based prospect management solutions for sales professionals. Its initial product, released late last year, is The Broker's e-Vantage (TBeV) System. TBeV is the first 100% web-based prospect management tool that focuses specifically on the needs of stockbrokers and financial sales professionals. The TBeV system also features the SLM Auto-dialer, eliminating the need to manually dial the phone. SLM is also a re-seller of Teleblock the industry leader in the Do Not Call monitoring and prevention area. Teleblock services are also offered as an integrated, web-based solution.

Global Payment Technologies is a software service merchant payment processing company that provides automated processing of credit card payments such as visa, mc, mastercard and discover. The Company's primary product, HRPP, is a global high risk payment platform for automated transaction processing for timeshares, travel and financial services. The Company's customers include CannaPay, Timeshare Merchants and Smoke Shop Payment Technologies.

Team Championships Incorporated
Team Championships International (“TCI”) is the world leader in the organization, implementation and management of national tours within the active lifestyle and participatory sports sector. The company's leadership team has produced more than 3,000 events since 1989. TCI's primary brands, Hoop It Up, Kick-It and Let It Fly, host more than one million competitors and spectators throughout their annual seasons.

gNumber, Inc., develops and delivers real-time, customized e-commerce services to mobile phones, using Internet Protocol over Voice or "IPoV(tm)" based technology. The company has patents pending on many aspects of securely delivering and interacting with time-critical online services, via enhanced voice applications. UnWired Buyer for eBay, is an eBay Compatible Application and is provided free of charge to consumers. UnWired Buyer can be used on any mobile phone and is currently available for U.S. eBay users only.

Vincent Partners offers marketing, public relations, production management (photographers, make-up artists & stylists), and contest/sweepstakes management services to a broad range of industry clients. Vincent Partners has a substantial equity ownership in its network of companies including VP Public Relations, Vincent Partners Celebrity, VP L&A Artist and DRIFF (Dominican International Film Festival). Technology assets currently owned by the Company include a customizable and scaleable sweepstakes engine, a customizable event management application, a customizable RSVP/ticketing application and a tailored CRM data management application.

Cannabispayments.com is a global cannabis payment processing and merchant POS software company that has created a unique platform and suite of applications for dispensaries, cbd oil merchants and small business owners. Get a domestic USA based merchant processor that is friendly towards the medical marijuana industry.

Webxites Holdings, Inc is a top search marketing & Web design agency. Webxites delivers an all encompassing marketing solution by providing clients with Web design, usability and accessibility services in addition to professional search marketing, optimization and on-line marketing management. Webxites is based in Houston, Texas and serves customers nationwide.