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aegis \EE-jiss\ noun
1 : shield, protection
2 : patronage, sponsorship

In ancient Greek mythology, an aegis was something that offered physical protection.

Source: Webster's Dictionary

Aegis Capital Group ("ACG") is a specialty private equity firm that manages both a financial services focused rollup fund and two early-stage venture capital funds. The firmís team, which includes former investment bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, insurance industry executives, and the CEO of a publicly-traded company, has significant relationships in the insurance and venture capital industries and broad experience in the financial services sector.

Aegis Financial Partners, LP is a private equity fund focused on investing in and developing financial services and insurance distribution platforms across the United States and Canada in partnership with existing agency owners. Aegisí venture capital funds, Aegis Texas Venture Fund, LP and Aegis NY Venture Fund, LP, focus on providing capital and strategic support to early-stage companies with a focus on the telecommunications, technology, biotech, e-commerce, and business services sectors.